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Executive Connections is a networking organization that focuses on referral passing and helping everyone’s businesses grow. We allow one person per skill set and do have an interviewing process to select seasoned professionals or professionals that bring a book of contacts from their previous career.

We are an independent incorporated not for profit C corporation in the state of Minnesota. The corporation has no outside ownership. Meaning, all shares are owned by the corporation, not by any one individual.

By laws govern the operations of the group and can be amended by a vote from the members. Every member has input on where the dues are spent. We have a nine member board that is elected annually. Every new member has to have a majority vote from the board to become a member.

Our group encourages anyone to visit twice with no commitments.

Executive Connections members meet weekly on Thursday mornings at 8:15 a.m. We expect 75% attendance for members and 80% for board members. Punctuality at events and professionalism is expected.

We also focus on providing social and philanthropic activities for our members. Part of that is a quarterly networking event where you can meet many new contacts and grow your network of influence.