Mission Statement

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The Mission of this Networking Organization is to vigorously support and promote its Members in Good Standing in their businesses by:

Providing a weekly forum in which to publicize their business and educate other members and guests via short commercials and testimonials for their products or services, and facilitate networking and referrals, to assist members in creating an environment of economic and professional success

Providing Members in Good Standing an opportunity to make more lengthy presentations to the group as permitted by the By-Laws

Providing regular outside networking opportunities and social events as determined by the Executive Committee to be in the best interest of the organization and its Members in Good Standing

Connecting with the general community via outreach and contributions, both monetary and in-kind

Providing appropriate and relevant training and educational opportunities and forums for Members in Good Standing, utilizing both Members as well as occasional outside speakers, as determined by the Executive Committee, following the solicitation of receipt of requests and feedback from Members.